Get ready to battle every storm your way: ID your capucha with your very own coat of arms – your initials – and get ready to be a part of the all proof force.


Discover the warrior in you, discover where your monogram belongs.

What type of warrior are you?

Choose one of the 3 options below and find out!


When facing chilly northern winds, you’re always on the front line, ready for them. You’re brave and fearless, which means defeat isn’t part of your battle strategy! A Conqueror’s initials are right where everyone can see them, on the capucha’s front flap. Wear your coat of arms with pride and no storm will ever take you down.

*On the men’s Original Capucha, the monogram is embroidered on the left flap.
*On the women’s Original Capucha, the monogram is embroidered on the right flap.


Weathering storms means you have to keep your eyes on the sky. A downpour can hit you out of nowhere, but you’re perfectly content to observe, wait it out and fight back at a moment’s notice. A Vigilante’s initials are on the capucha’s hood, because the elements are unpredictable and you have to keep watch at all times! Wear your coat of arms with resolve and no storm will ever catch you off guard.

Secret Agent

Being undercover is your thing, no one knows what you’re fighting for or who’s side you’re on… and that’s exactly how you like to roam the stormy streets, incognito. A Secret Agent’s initials are on the capucha’s secret pocket, because they’re for your eyes only… you fight your own battles! Wear your coat of arms mysteriously and you’ll be outsmarting storms every day.

Having trouble deciding where to put your monogram? Let us know your thoughts:



Handmade by Portuguese artisans, personalized by you

— The monogram includes 2 letters
— Maximum size: 13 x 13cm
— Exclusive lettering
— The monogram is hand embroidered in burel, using a traditional technique
— The monogram is the same color as the capucha

This is your fight, wear it proudly.
Choose your cape, add your initials and you’ll be ready to hit the streets and battle the elements with your very own coat of arms.

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